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Academy Division
The academy division is a great way for students to enter the horse show world. All riders in the academy divisions compete on horses currently used in a lesson program. Students can compete without the obligation of owning a horse. Showing a horse really helps riders learn a great deal about their horse, their riding, and many, many life skills.

Academy is a great way for students to participate in shows and build their interest and skills in horse showing. It is also a wonderful avenue for students to meet some riders from other farms and make friendships that last a lifetime. Many academy riders go on to be great show riders, but it all starts here!
Academy focuses on the basic foundations of horsemanship. Students are judged on their basic position and ability to control their horses. The division stresses safety and manners. It stresses all the points that are the beginnings to a great rider. Proper practice makes perfect. 

Academy is also a way for students to show without having to make the investment of buying a full riding suit. Students show in riding pants, a shirt, tie and vest. Students are required to fulfill a mandatory list of things they will need before their first academy show. Keen is great at assisting first time riders and first time show moms and dads how to search for the appropriate attire a student would need before they go to their first academy show. Students will do a "dress ride" with all their academy attire on before they will go to their first show. 

Academy offers classes for all age ranges of riders so it is never too late to start showing horses. Many adults have shown in academy as well.
Above is a list of things riders need to begin their show careers in the academy division. There are guidelines for riders &/or riders parents included on this list. We also suggest vendors that are helpful in outfitting riders for the academy divisions. If students are interested in showing parents can accumulate these items over time as their children improve to the point of being ready for the show ring.

On our contact page we have a group of useful links for outfitting riders. Also visit our calendar page to see all the shows we will be attending with academy classes.

"Gypsy gold does not chink  and glitter, it gleams in the sun and neighs in the dark."- Gypsies of Galway
photo courtesy Ruth Syson
At Sublime Saddlebreds we attend several shows throughout the year that our academy riders can participate in. We charge a flat fee per academy show that is figured depending on the size and distance of the show. Often riders will share horses in order to lower the cost of attendance. Starting out riders often attend our own show that we host every year as a low pressure, fun way to start their horse show career. We often take new riders to several small shows when starting out in academy until they are getting skilled and confident in the show ring. At that point we will take riders to more and more challenging and competitive shows depending on a riders dreams and desires. A rider can go as far as they want with the right work ethic and attitude. We encourage every rider to dream beyond their wildest dreams.
There are many accomplished riders out in the show ring in the performance divisions who started their careers by attending barn shows and academy tournaments. Showing horses can teach a rider mental toughness, discipline, the rewards of hard work and sportsmanship. As riders advance and gain experience they may be asked to join our academy team!

"Today I will do what others won't so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can't"- Jenny Rice