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Academy Division
The academy division is a great way for students who are still developing their skills to get involved in some friendly low pressure competition. All riders in the academy divisions compete on horses currently used in a lesson program. Students can compete without the obligation of owning a horse. They are also on a level playing field as all riders are on school horses. This ensures that one student isn't left behind due to not having an expensive horse. It is a great way for students to participate in a show and build their interest and skills about horse showing. It is also a wonderful avenue for students to meet some riders from other farms and make friendships that last a lifetime. Many academy riders go on to be great show riders, but it all starts here!
Academy focuses on the basic foundations of horsemanship. Students are judged on their basic position and ability to control their horses. The division stresses safety and manners. It stresses all the points that are the beginnings to a great rider. Proper practice makes perfect. 

Academy is also a way for students to show without having to make the investment of buying a full riding suit. Students show in riding pants, a shirt, tie and vest. Students are required to fulfill a mandatory list of things they will need before their first academy show. Keen is great at assisting first time riders and first time show moms and dads how to search for the appropriate attire a student would need before they go to their first academy show. Students will do a "dress ride" with all their academy attire on before they will go to their first show. Keen also sets limits of how long students will be allowed to ride in academy. This is a great division however it is meant as an introduction to horse showing and it isn't fair if a very accomplished rider shows in this division for more than three or four years.
Above is a list of things children need to begin their show careers in the academy division. There are guidelines for parents included on this list. We also suggest vendors that are helpful in outfitting riders for the academy divisions. If students are interested in showing parents can accumulate these items over time as their children improve to the point of being ready for the show ring.

On our contact page we have a group of useful links for outfitting riders. Also visit our calendar page to see all the shows we will be attending with academy classes.

Sublime Saddlebreds offers day camps throughout the year for students. We have many activities that teach students about riding, horses, horsemanship and all facets of equestrian. We teach in a fun filled environment and have students participate in activities that are engaging as well as educational. And of course Yes! We do ride! Some of the areas we cover during camps include:

  • Proper horse care, grooming and tacking
  • Equine Anatomy
  • Equipment and tack cleaning
  • Showmanship
  • Horse handling and halter
  • Games
  • Driving


Students get to participate in games like cart races and egg and spoon on horseback. They will be hands on learning and teaching each other their piers about teamwork, responsibility and sportsmanship.

Camps are often finished with a mini horse show, show grooming competition barbeque for students and parents. 
Check our calendar for camp dates. Sign up early by email, spots are limited, first come first serve.

We also do tours and demonstrations by appointment only for any reason including but not limited to Girl Scouts, 4-H, school groups, any club or youth group.
"Gypsy gold does not chink  and glitter, it gleams in the sun and neighs in the dark."- Gypsies of Galway
A camp student labels the parts of a horse on a live model
photo courtesy Ruth Syson