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Sublime Saddlebreds LLC
Keen Behringer; Owner/Trainer/Instructor
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About Sublime Saddlebreds LLC
Sublime Saddlebreds LLC was established at the end of 2012 on sheer dedication and a dream. Owners Nick and Keen Behringer dreamed of owning a riding operation and running it with professionalism and care. They wanted a place of their own where the riders are treated like family and the promotion of fun is just as important as the implementation and development of proper equestrian skills.

Sublime Saddlebreds LLC is family-owned and operated right here in Brandon, Wisconsin. We pride ourselves on the principles of the definition of our name, Sublime. Sublime by definition is of such excellence, grandeur or beauty as to inspire great admiration or awe. We want to go above and beyond with our program and be an inspiration for our students. We want to make the best horses and the best riders. Whether you want to ride in the world championships or just be comfortable out on the trail we want to serve everyone with enthusiasm and excellence. 

Keen graduated from William Woods University with a Bachelors of Equestrian Science. At William Woods Keen had the opportunity to study everything from farm management to training techniques. She was also lucky enough to have the chance to ride underneath the direction of world class horsewoman Gayle Lampe. Her education at William Woods was both inside and outside the classroom. During her time there she worked for legendary horseman Jimmy Simmons when not on Campus. 

Keen has a diverse background in her training career. She spent several years riding and training both hunt/jump horses as well as Saddlebreds. She has even trained a few Saddlebred jumpers. Keen spent a year of her college career at the University of Limerick, Limerick City Ireland. In Ireland Keen spent her time riding event horses with the college equestrian team.

When Keen returned to the states she moved to Kentucky and started working for Infinity Stables under the direction of Jimmy and Helen Robertson. There Keen had the chance to ride and train many great Saddlebreds and learn from great trainers. She was able to develop her skills right there in the American Saddlebred capital of the world.

Life then took Keen back up to her hometown farm in upstate New York where she spent one year working Saddlebreds as well as Hackney ponies for Dar Maur Mannor Inc. There she continued to instruct students as well as train a variety of different kinds of horses for riding as well as driving.

Keen was then brought on to the team at Royal Crest Farms in Fond Du Lac Wisconsin. She started under the direction of Pat Wessel and had the opportunity to learn and work for him for two years. Pat eventually left Royal Crest Farms and it opened up the door for Keen to step up as the head trainer of the large Saddlebred breeding program there. She managed the program and over one hundred and fifty horses that were there. She was in charge of every aspect of the horses health and training. She also opened the barn up to the public which had been a private facility for so many years. She began to develop her riding program at Royal Crest Farms.

Royal Crest Farms opened another door for Keen that wasn't a career opportunity. There Keen met Nick Behringer who was the perfect match for her. He shared her enthusiasm for life and love and respected her dedication to her horses. Keen and Nick started a family adding Kennedy Behringer to it. They were ready to step out on there own and after many discussions and dreams they established Sublime Saddlebreds LLC. They will be adding a new little member to their team expected in May of 2016 to finalize their growing family!

In the three short years since the opening of Sublime Keen boasts a laundry list of new accomplishments including becoming a United States Equestrian Federation Licensed official. She is now holding judges cards in Saddlebred, Saddle Seat Equitation, Hackney and Roadster divisions with plans to continue on in furthering the cards she holds and her continued education in the field. This is a testament to her professionalism and knowledge. Keen has also developed many riders and top horses in the three short years that she has been an independent business owner. 
Sublime: Of such excellence, grandeur, or beauty as to inspire great admiration or awe.
N4547 Brown Rd, Brandon WI 53919
Keen Behringer has been riding and working with American Saddlebreds for over twenty years. She truly loves the Saddlebred and is devoted to breeding and training top show horses. She has devoted her life to promoting the breed and teaching students how to love, understand, ride, and handle these horses.
One of many fine horses broke, trained and developed at Sublime Saddlebreds LLC
Runaway Caraway